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      Towing Service


24 Hours a Day - Tow a vehicle to its destination with no damage; in case of engine problems, empty gas tank, flat tire, etc. Quick Auto Towing employs tried and tested operators in all our top of the line fleet vehicles.


Flatbed Towing
The safest way to tow a vehicle; secured and locked on a flatbed ramp.


Motorcycle Towing

Transport you Motorcycle in case of any damage or malfunction for your safety.


Local and Long Distance Towing
Tow your vehicle to local garage, gas station, or as needed for longer distance of over 20 miles.

      Roadside Assistance


* Jump Start or Battery Replacement - test your battery on-site, and recharge or replace the car battery as requested. We carry all types of new batteries with warranty.

*Unlock Lockouts - open your car without damaging the lock or scratching paint.

* Flat Tire Changing – securely place a spare tire on your vehicle safely.

* Recovery – extract a vehicle from snow, mud, ditch, etc

      Parking Zone


* On call or “patrol” service to clear vehicles violating parking zone limitations in public buildings, businesses, or residential areas. The cost for removal is charged to the vehicle in violation. Patrol service requires a letter of authorization from property owners or manager

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